Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At the conference center.

The girls are still happy after a long day of touring salt lake.

Angelo and Meredith De Franceso!!

Taffy Town for Geoff's 27th birthday and then the Cheesecake Factory.

Elena with the girls. We asked to be able to be of service to others and now we get to watch her on Mondays until April. We are so lucky.

Kaylee's birthday.

So many balloons.

The Maczuga Family.

Kaylee's birthday pinata.

All of the candy.

Uncle Theodore with his nieces.

Making the pinata for Kaylee's birthday.

Kaylee making the paste.

Grandma and Grandpa have it easy babysitting as the girls put themselves to bed.

Going to the movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks was lots of fun.

Christmas Fun

A well needed nap.

Being silly.

Lots of intense moments of Mario Kart.

Skating at Kleefeld with the girls and Uncle Theodore.

Christmas Eve presents.

New PJ's, Grinch pj's for Ariane.

Princess dress pj's for Kaylee.

We went to the Royal Canadian Mint and Winter Wonderland.

That is my parents house from the airplane ride that Theodore took us on.

Theodore and Geoff flying....Geoff got to fly for a bit too.

Me and Kaylee in the back enjoying the ride.

Updating from Christmas.

Playing outside with the snowmobile. Mommy and Ariane had so much fun.

Finally at Grandma and Grandpa Maczuga's for Christmas.

Ariane not so happy.

Visiting Santa at the library.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, I thought that I would put in one last post for the season. Since I left my camera cable at home, this will be a non picture post. As a year in reflection we have had quite an amazing year. We were blessed to sell our home and go to school. Our family has been healthy and happy, warm and safe, cool and comfortable and blessed by so many loved ones. Thanks to our family and friends and the love that we share, our hearts are full and we are thankful to the Lord for all of the blessings we have.

As we have had so many answers to prayers this year, it is our hope that we can help to answer other peoples prayers this coming year by being more aware of the inspiration of the spirit and taking time to recognize the needs of others. We will do our best to be loving and kind to all whom we meet. With love, The Salter's.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

We miss having a real tree but this will have to do since our place is so small. The girls had fun decorating it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dinosaur Museum in Provo, Utah

Pretty cool twister!

Ariane could have spent all day putting paper in the wind tunnel.

Kaylee being goofy. There are too many pictures to post so I will put the rest on facebook!

Kayla Gwilliam's Wedding, Jordan River Temple

Kayla and Thomas Nelson, such a cute couple. Really enjoyed the sealing.

The Gwilliam Family.

Ariane having fun at the reception. We went out for supper at the Cheese Cake Factory. So yummy!!!

Kaylee was so happy to be at Kayla's wedding!

Christmas Time

New Christmas dresses for the girls from Grandma and Grandpa Salter.

Opening presents Thanksgiving morning. Tea parties every day!

Ariane got a remote train.

auntie Melissa made them both hats and scarfs. So fun! We all exchanged gifts. Thanks for all the wonderful presents!!

Auntie Melissa Came with nail polish for the girls!

Kaylee's toes...

Ariane's toes...

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

Rolling and cutting,

icing, we did something different and used chocolate icing, yummy,

and perhaps a bit too many sprinkles.

Painting with Grandma